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Unlock the potential of your mind and body with our diverse array of fitness, coaching, and nutrition programs. We're here to guide you toward achieving the strong and resilient mindset and body you've always desired.

One Mode Training Schedule


6am - 8pm  Small Group Training
6am - 8pm Personal Training


6am - 8pm  Small Group Training
6am - 8pm Personal Training


6am - 8pm  Small Group Training
6am - 8pm Personal Training


6am - 8pm  Small Group Training
6am - 8pm Personal Training


6am - 8pm  Small Group Training
6am - 8pm  Personal Training


7am - 8am One Mode Maddness (Strength & Conditioning
10am - 11am  Booty Land  (All legs & Butt )


7am - 8am One Mode Maddness (Strength & Conditioning
10am - 11am  Booty Land  (All legs & Butt )

Results Don't Take A Long Time, People Do.

Great Community

Our Group members provide motivation, encouragement, and accountability to one another.

Progress & Goals

Our clients progress at their own pace while still benefiting from our professional expertise.

Structured Programs

We create well-structured programs that accommodate the needs and goals clients.


Diversity & Cost-Effective Training Programs To Meet Your Needs

We design varied workouts that cater to a larger group's fitness levels and preferences.
This diversity can keep workouts interesting and prevent boredom.

Group Training

Personal Training

One Mode Maddness

Booty Land Sculpting

Online Coaching

Meal Planning

Mindset Coaching by Ron

21 Day Get Your Mind Right

a new way to think about fitness

ONE MODE gives you incredible results in less time.


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Long Beach, Ca 90804

Testimonials from Our Customers

Amazing feedback from our customers. You're next.

Where do I start? I have trained with Ron for the past 11 years. He helped me lose over 80 lbs twice with two babies. Not only has OneMode helped me build strength and endurance as I get older but also has embedded the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A triangle of body, nutrition, and the most important mental mindset.

I have been through life’s ups and downs and the one thing that was consistently there to get my kind right was Ron’s encouragement and positive mindset while we trained. Everytime I leave One Mode I leave with knew knowledge, business ideas, and connections. He is attentive to detail and focused on you. My mindset has been changed by Ron and One Mode to be one of no excuses, always speak positivity, and believe that you can do anything you out your mind to.

Ron’s gym is filled with a wonderful community of business owners. It has been beneficial to my personal and professional career to meet others at the gym.

His gym is always clean and in prestige condition, up beat music, etc.

I would highly recommend One Mode mindset to anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, or is looking for a full mind body and soul transformation.

Amber Dawn


My name is Cheryl but affectionately called, "OG". I'm 66 but my age does not speak for my tenacity or my workout ethic. I joined OneMode during the height of the COVID pandemic. Fearing the crowd of the commercial gyms, I began searching for a less congested gym with less people and a dedicated trainer. I've been a member of the OneMode family, approaching a year in January. I found myself very comfortable with Ron. He is very energetic and notices your strengths and areas of improvement. He will push (Strongly encourage) you in those areas where it's needed. His greeting, "Hey Champ" means YOU showed up for yourself today......Everyone who shows up....who enters the gym is a winner (a Champ) in his eyes. My drive comes internally as well as the reciprocated inspiration given and received from others in the gym. I have gained strength, through consistent weight training, loss inches and shedded pounds. The overall impact of having a sense of wellness and being FIT shows from the inside out!! To date, I have enjoyed my experience at OneMode. It is TRULY a mindset. My life, through exercise, has improved tremendously from my commitment to "Showing Up" and the professionalism and knowledge of Ron

Cheryl Smith


I’ve known Ron Alexander for almost a decade now. I came in with a particular goal- and life had other plans for me. As they say it’s about the journey and not the destination.
Along my journey Ron has met me where I am. I have fluctuated with weight, multiple injuries, and high and low mental states. Ron meets you where you are at and does it with compassion and strength. Sometimes the strength that you may need to get out of whatever it is you may be going through. On one particular occasion- I was crying through my sets and Ron made sure even through tears that I finished my sets. I felt relief and drive when we were done with that session. What you need to know is through OneMode and the community that surrounds OneMode you are joining a family, a professional network- and no matter where life takes you that mindset and community you’ll always come back to.

Jessica Mata


One Mode Mindset has provided me the skills, techniques and ability to focus, create discipline and have a community of support to accomplish my physical and mental goals.

Dr. Sahron Elephant


Training with Coach Ron is amazing. He understands the capacity and limitations of your body in order to maximize each workout. His sessions are fun, challenging, and goal-driven. As somebody who is in the United States Military, One Mode has helped me keep my body ready for what's needed. I'm confident Coach Ron will help me get to my next goal of Officer Candidate School.

Oscar Cancio


The One Mode Mindset has really helped me analyze my goals and attack them with a sense of urgency. Ron’s mentorship has really encouraged me to not only launch a new business, but to do the necessary work within myself to sustain the ups and down. Mental strength is imperative in todays world and working out plays a HUGE part in dealing with adversity. Never in my life would I have imagined getting thru a 5 day water cleanse, but the team will turn you into a believer and doer! I am truly grateful for the gems The One Mode Mindset instills in me every time I walk thru the door. Ron and his team are uplifting, goal setters, encouraging and simply heaven sent.

Kristin Smith


One Mode has provided me with the mindset that my goals are reachable if I try and remain consistent.

I truly appreciate One Mode for holding me accountable every step of the way. I can honestly say that Ron stuck to me like glue and made sure I was not only being honest with him, but more importantly being honest with myself, because he already knew I was eating more cookies than I was supposed too.

But if you're trying to change your lifestyle and you want to put your health first give One Mode a try, you will not be disappointed.

Renee W.



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